I am concerned with our ways of existing and the things that prey on our minds. Our daily experience of existing in the world help us understand what it really means to be human beings. Our existences are defined by our relationships with other entities. To what extent are we really able to be ourselves in these relationships? Do we turn into something else? In terms of authenticity or artificiality, what do we choose to reveal or keep hidden? I believe that we are evolving and that living beings, geographies, and consequently maps are changing. It is significant that in most of my work, especially my sculptures, I work with my hands. Understanding materials and working with one’s hands involves diligence and elaboration. Chance and spontaneity, along with the unity of natural and artificial materials, are the most important elements in my work.

 In my latest artworks, I’m combining collages that i genereated in different places by using natural and artificial materials, which are playing the place and the meaning of the objects.  I’m creating diaries where i bring together the words and images. Picture, video and assemblages are the disciplines that support the baseline. The common trait of my art works, the objects spoils the stability of the species. I suggest to look  at natural and artificial objects closely and in different angles, aside from cultural context, by gathering them in unusual shapes.

By means of the unexpected accord when objects/images in different categories brought together, the prejudice about discrepancy vaporises. When gathering the objects, in fact I’m driving a wedge between their current meanings and once more I’m spoiling the stability by gathering the objects/images with sentences.  When the sentences and objects/images i chose copleting each other, the words are not the indicative of the objects/images. Via the moment left between the sentence and the object/image, there occurs a cognitive vibration area between the words and the images. Words and images reecho in the mind and the blank enables the interaction.

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