Born in 1981, Balıkesir, Turkey. Lives and works in Istanbul/Turkey

2004-2010 Yıldız Technical University, The Art and Design Faculty, Art Department, Combined Arts, Istanbul, Beşiktaş

Solo Exhibitions

2016 ‘’Loop’’-Turning world-Fragments and Questions,Blokartspace,Istanbul.

2016 ”For restless spirits…”,Artnivo,Istanbul

2013 ”Not Quite As Though”, Mixer, Istanbul.

2011 ”Catchword”, Edisyon, Istanbul.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 “How far am I from the city center?”Bring Your Art,Istanbul

2016 ‘’Stay with me ‘’, Universal Hospitality, Meet Factory and Futura Gallery, Prague

2016 ‘’Stay wit me’’, 21er Haus,Belvedere Museum,Vienna

2016 ”low pressure”Kare sanat, Istanbul

2016 ”Stay with me ”DE KIJKDOOS,Corridor project space,Amsterdam

2015 ”Reloeded”Zorlu PSM,Artnivo,Istanbul

2015 ”Hidden Playgrounds”Cityleaks Urban Art festival NEOLA Art Project, Cologne.

2015 ”Stay With Me”Weserburg museum,Bremen

2015”Fine Tuned and Multiple”Kuad,Istanbul.

2015 ”Stay With Me”Apartman project,Depo,Istanbul.

2015 ”Istanbul Rotary Art Competition Exhibition and Award,exhibition,Istanbul.

2015 “Cut With The Dada Kitchen Knife…” Kuad Gallery, Istanbul.

2015 “Popup Exhibition” InEnArt/Diyalog, KargArt, Istanbul.

2015 “Celebration & Memories” Artnivo, Lucca Art, Istanbul.

2015 ”Open Call Door”Nesrin Esirtgen Collection,Istanbul.

2014 ”Merz 3000 The Future is Collage”Plato Sanat,Istanbul

2014 ”Stay With Me”Apartment Project,Berlin

2014 ”Were Am I?”,Kare Sanat/Istanbul.

2014 ”Mamut Art Project”,Küçük Çiflik Park/Istanbul.

2014 ”Down Load”,Artnivo/Istanbul.

2013 “Discarded’’, Arayü, Sayı no: 2/Issue no:2, Hayaka Artı, Istanbul

2013 ”Untold Unwritten Fourth Show”, Borusan Art Center,Istanbul

2012 “What I Love: Third Show ” Borusan Music House, Istanbul

2012 “Istanbul Rotary Art Prize Exhibitions ”,Exhibition, Istanbul

2011 ”Update!”, Arayü, Sayı no: 1/Issue no:1 Hayaka Artı, Istanbul

2011 “Papergirl”, Milk Gallery, Istanbul

2010 ”Lives and Works in Istanbul”, Sanat Limanı, Istanbul2009 Yenikapı Art Center,‘’Remo Salvadori, Living and Working in Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency,Istanbul

2009 ‘’24 Hour Open ‘’10th. year Exhibitions, Yıldız Technical University ,Istanbul

2009 “Inspring Istanbul”, Kunstuniversitat Linz, Linz

2009 Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz

2011– Art Center / Istanbul (2 years)


2017 Bernhard Cella,  The Book as Printed Space – Concept and Printed Work
Bookmaking Workshop,Istanbul

2010 Remo Salvadori “Lives and Works in Istanbul”, Istanbul

2010 Irene Paetzug, Berlin/Germany

2010 Valentin Hertweck, Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin/Germany

2009 Kunstuniversitat Linz, Inspring Istanbul, Linz/Austria

2007 Summer Art Academy Duzhdovnitsa village, Bulgaria

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